multi-fandom mess with emphasis on mess

currently in the hell that is high school so there will be sporadic posting (but it's okay because i have a queue)

a game of thrones

buffy: the vampire slayer
once upon a time




I didn’t wanna do my geo hw so I stitched this cracker to the arm of the couch

so i’m thinking about dying the tips of my hair red after i cut it (like an ombre effect) and wow i’m just rly excited bc i’ve never dyed my hair before


mal’s neverending list of favourite stisaac fics (3/∞)

out of my head by burntotears


things that totally 100% happened in s9 → 16/23

anna milton + powers


Charts Only People Who Live In Westeros Will Understand.




never microwave a caprisun

what did you do

i microwaved a caprisun


when you said you needed space


BACKGROUND NOISE.  songs you can listen to while you study, relax, clean. whatever the occasion, it’s your background noise. [listen]

· 1. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin ·· 2. come back when you can - barcelona ·· 3. yellow light - of monsters and men ·· 4. amsterdam - imagine dragons ·· 5. weight of living pt.II - bastille ·· 6. stubborn love - the lumineers ·· 7. below my feet - mumford and sons ·· 8. lakehouse - of monsters and men ·· 9. hopeless wanderer - mumford and sons  ·· 10. let her go - passenger ·· 11. welcome home - radical face ·· 12. please, please, please, let me get what i want - she & him ·· 13. the longer i run - peter bradley adams ·· 14. the funeral - band of horses ·· 15. where i stood - missy higgins ·· 

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